Psychic Entertainment, Denver, Colorado
Psychic Enlightenment for your next
Get-together, Corporate event,
Tradeshow, Fair or
Holiday Party.
Rick Finbow,                                             
                     Psychic Entertainment
              For your next Party!
"I had Rick as
entertainment for
my friends Birthday
party. He was
incredible in a 10
minute reading time
he was able to
amaze us by giving
factual and useful
info about our lives."

Joan P.
Lakewood, Colorado
"As soon as Rick
arrived we knew
that this
professional was the
right choice for our
Companies Holiday
Party this year. He
was prompt,
accurate and
entertaining. We
look forward to
having him back
next year"

Tamara D.
Denver, Colorado
"Having Psychic
readers for our
Halloween Party was
awesome. Everyone
there lined up for a
reading. It appears
everyone is interested
in knowing more
about there future. I
was amazed as our
guests stirred such a
buzz talking about
what the readers had
told them".

Thank you,
Melanie S.
Las Vegas, Nevada
" Rick and his
psychic friends
entertained 70 guests
this past November.
Even though we also
had other
entertainment and a
band the Psychics
were the most
popular. Thank you
for supplying such

Steve A.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Either privately or on a public platform, a
psychic clairvoyant may dumbfound your
guests by providing fact after fact of
accurate and personal information about
your guests. The guest may be astounded
as the psychic provides this information
seemingly from thin air. It appears that a
host need not worry about their guests view
or attitude as across the board of opinions
guests seem to very much enjoy this form
of entertainment. Skeptics or not, attendees
across the spectrum delight in this unusual
form of unexplained psychic display."
Taken from a USA today article Feb.2009
When most people think of fortune tellers or party
psychics, their first and most obvious thought is of
'Tarot Cards.' Tarot is arguably the most recognised
form of fortune telling party entertainment. Tarot
decks consist of 78 cards; 22 major arcana and 56
minor arcana. Rich in imagery and universal
symbolism, they capture the imagination and engage
the senses, setting the mood for intrigue. Rick
Finbow's intuitive tool has been Tarot for over 28
Professional Psychic Medium
Rick Finbow will amaze and enlighten
your guests with clarity and precision. He
has a knack for getting to the truth about
what is going on in your life at this
moment and then moving on into the near
future. Although this form of
entertainment is fun it is also useful and
will make even the most skeptic person
more of a believer.
"At a time where there is so
much change on our Planet not
only our government,
economics and lifestyle is
changing but individually we
are seeking answers.
Hiring a Psychic for your next
function is a perfect fit. Just
imagine your guests delight
when the hear of this
entertainment you are offering."
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